RFD Gun Deliveries in Guildford & Surrey

Located between Guildford and Dorking we, Surrey RFD 45/00000008031, will deliver, by appointment, non Section 5 firearms, air guns & ammunition to authorised holders in the Surrey area.

     Occasionally the phone, 01483 202619, might get answered, if I can hear it ringing over the lathe. There is no answering machine, but you are welcome to phone up to 2100 hrs. The easiest way to contact me is to E-mail rac.b@virgin.net - I try to answer within 24 hours, if you don't get a reply - suspect Gremlins.

To remit: please eTransfer to Roaring Forties - Sort Code 09 01 50, A/c No. 04 1870 40.  

If you wish to pay by Pay Pal (to r40s@btinternet.com ) please add 5% first (divide by .95 on your calculator) unless you opt for Friends & Family / trusted recipient route. If you decide you want to give 5% to Paypal, especially if you are paying in a foreign currency, expect a sharing of grief unless I get my pound of flesh.

Least favourite is a Cheque, to Roaring Forties PO Box 50 Albury Post Office, The Street, Albury. GU5 9AG

(please e-Mail me if you choose this option, I only go down when I know a letter is expected, it's a 3 mile walk there & back, and then I have to waste half a day going to the bank)


There are eight main sections - click on the menu, top left.

1. Airsoft, pre-owned guns for sale, we do buy them as well.

2. ArSa's Matchlock, Flintlock & Percussion Competition pistols, handmade for a smaller hand than those of Pedersoli.

3. EEZOX, a wonderful penetrating lubricant that dries to a low friction rustproof membrane - cutting Black Powder cleaning time in half. Probably the best lubricant for the working parts of any type of gun.

4. Black Powder Accessories: These stocked items are selected on the basis of being arguably the best available, not commercial viability. The majority are imports so any prices are for guidance and are subject to Currency fluctuations - this generally allows me to offer better value for money than the alternative. Goods are shipped, unless otherwise requested, by cheapest post. Packing is free and Carriage is charged at cost.

MLAGB members often find they are the recipients of a small discount on declaration of Membership Number.

 5. Monkey Tails. As a way of thanking those people who have helped me with the Monkey Tail Register I have composed a brief History. Helpful though they have been Westley Richards has changed hands several times since being a Family Concern and few records from those times have been retained.

 The Register serves a number of purposes.

 It can provide provinance, sometimes going back to the 1860's.

 Reverse Engineering from survivors is the only way of recreating the History of 'tails.  

 It records and publishes details of Stolen guns. It highlights composite guns concocted from spares.

 Pictures of Missing Parts can be provided.

 If you have a Monkey Tail of any description please send me some details and pictures.  I will not pass on contact details unless given permission. The Register records Serial Number, Barrel Length, bore dimensions, Lock Date, stock shape, furniture specifications and any other details available.  Please be aware that I consider pictures or specifications  I am sent to be resource which I hope to publish in due course - unless advised otherwise.

 The Rule of Thumb in the World of Black Powder is that at least 50% of anything related is a fabrication, as often as not as an 'aide' to sales. By going back to the source - the guns themselves - and harking to their story I hope to be approaching 'fact'. If you have a dissenting opinion, tales or myths, peripherals, catalogues or articles of the time - please tell me.

This is very much a two way street, questions are always welcome; as is information on 'tails for Sale or Wanted.

For more detail click on a picture or download  and Zoom.

6. 'tails for Sale, & nipples too, I stock Ampco in both No.11 & Top Hat.

 7. Catalogues. These are a good source of Data. I am missing a few Wallis & Wallis and Weller & Dufty Catalogues. Most I have read, but would still like to collect. I have a number Surplus, along with copies of Guns Review. If you have any to dispose of, or want, do tell.

Monkeytail Rob.