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Gun lubrication has evolved over the years from animal fat, through sperm oil, vegetable oil, Nitrogen solvents, petroleum distillate to, finally, – synthetics. Before EEzox® to shoot a gun it was necessary first to wipe it dry; to store a gun it was necessary to apply a heavy coating of more flammable petroleum lube distillate. This method dates back to the 1920's with some modifications being added, such as Teflon or silicone powders, which allegedly lubricate. This three-step method of gun care –

(1)   solvent for cleaning,

(2)   flammable petroleum for lubricating, and

(3)   more lubricant for rust prevention

- is still widely used; however research clearly shows over 75% of American gun owners are not satisfied with the performance these gun care products presently offer.

Compare this to the 98.7% of EEzox® users who are greatly satisfied.

EEzox® has been designed specifically as a One Product Triple Action Solution for the gun owner. You will not need any other cleaners, lubricants (apart from patch lube and revolver cylinder seal), or rust prevention products. Designed for all types of guns. Not being petroleum based EEzox® will not affect the seasoning of a Black Powder muzzle-loader bore and it prevents corrosion on all metals.

EEzox® cleans, lubricates, prevents rust, and finger printing. It eliminates stiff actions, jamming and all types of residue build-up, burnt powder, lead, brass and plastic shot wad. It is Non-Flammable. It boils at 450ºF and freezes at - 95ºF but EEzox® protects and lubricates in all gun temperatures because it dries to the touch into a strong but thin molecular structure. Unlike oils this protection does not build up, attract and retain water, dust and grit, thin out or float off allowing water to get at the surface to form rust. Your guns are always protected with EEzox® in use or in storage. It is harmless to powders and primers.


EEZOX® Test Results

The American Standard for Tests and Measurements, (ASTM) is the inter-nationally recognized testing authority and the ASTM B117 - 5% Salt Spray Fog Test is the de facto standard for testing a product's rust inhibiting properties. Outdoor elements, including extremes of temperature and humidity are introduced into the test environment and are carefully monitored. Test results for Synthetic EEzox® Premium Gun Care are conclusive.

After 192 to 232 hours of rigorous conditions, EEzox® scored an "Excellent" rating - the highest given. (U.S.Mil. Spec. requires only 100 hours). Petroleum Distillate Rust Preventatives receive a "Pass" rating if they inhibit rust for 18 to 24 hours.

The scientific method of testing the "load factor" or "reduction of friction" of a lubricant is done with a Falex Testing Instrument, ASTM proceedure D-3233. The pressures are increased under controlled conditions. Synthetic EEzox® Premium Gun Care, with only 0.42 - 0.45 mil film thickness, achieved a Peak Load "pass" of 4,500 lbs. (U.S.Mil. Spec. requires only 1,000 lbs.) This load factor far exceeds pressures found in any firearm, including full automatic machine guns. EEzox® will extend the life of operating mechanisms.


EEZOX® in action:

CLEANING: Petroleum Distillate solvents do not have the ability to penetrate residues built up in bores and on exterior surfaces. Due to the high density and superior penetrating ability of Synthetic EEzox®, problems involving stiff or jamming actions, lead, brass and copper build-up, as well as problems caused by carbon and plastic wad build-up are virtually eliminated when EEzox® is used as a cleaning solvent.

LUBRICATING, PROTECTING & RUST PREVENTATION: As the solvent portion evaporates, a thin, strong molecular structure of Synthetic EEzox® (under 0.22 mils/ 0.005 mm thick) adheres to the metal surface as a protective dry coating. It is a combination of Rust Inhibitors, keeping metal parts free from rust and corrosion in all environments, including salt water, and a low friction film - tough enough to contend with Americans in ‘Auto’ mode - which remains on the firearm while in use or in storage. Petroleum Distillate Lubricants are able to do their job only when they are liquid, i.e. before evaporating or being burned off ramps and slide surfaces. Synthetic EEzox® goes on wet, lubricates dry, and is non-flammable, works in the severest of conditions. Scientific tests show that the coefficient of friction is reduced over 50% when EEzox® is used as a lubricant.

The performance of guns is also affected when fired, manufacturing other by-products such as residues of copper, lead, carbon, plastic wad build-up, and lubricants such as Teflon. These residues cause stiff actions, as well as misfiring and jamming. Synthetic EEzox® Premium Gun Care prevents build-up through its unique chemistry developed specifically for gun care.

Synthetic EEzox® Premium Gun Care brings these components together into a high density solution.

- - ~ - -


It cleans, lubricates, prevents rust and dries to the touch.


The most commonly (American, sorry) asked questions are:

Q. Will EEzox® build up in my barrel and need cleaned out with anything else?

A. Absoutely not. There are no additives that can cause a buildup, such as teflon or molly. Use ONLY EEzox® on your firearm metal. There is never a need for any other product, including oil or grease. As a matter of fact, that is one of the main reasons to use EEzox®, so that you don't need all those dirt catching, action gumming products.

Q. How can EEzox ® prevent rust without using oil or grease?

A. EEzox® is a three part, all synthetic combination of cleaners, dry lubricant and rust preventive that is much heavier than water. When it adheres to the metal, it will not allow moisture of any kind (including salt water) to get in.

Q. Is EEzox ® safe for my wood stock?

A. EEzox® will not harm original wood stocks. Do not apply EEzox® to a painted or urethane coated stock.

Q. Do I have to reapply EEzox ® over the entire gun each time I use it to maintain rust proofing?

A. No. The first time you clean your firearm, it should be taken down as far as practical. Thoroughly clean all the grease, oil, dirt and other previous solvents from the metal, using ONLY EEzox®. When you are happy that your gun is completely clean, wipe it dry with a cloth and then apply a THIN coat of EEzox® and set it aside to dry. Do not allow EEzox®  to pool and dry, especially on semiautos. If the EEzox®  has not dried to the touch within a couple of hours, you have applied too much....wipe dry with a soft cloth. Reassemble your firearm and you are protected from rust, even around salt water. A quick bore cleaning and light wipe down of exposed metal and you are good to go.

Q. Can EEzox ® be used on metals other than firearms?

A. EEzox® can be used on ANY METAL... even stainless. EEzox® will penetrate rusted bolts, free up locks, clean grinding wheels, printing press chain drives, metal electrical contacts and many hundreds of other uses.

Q. I shoot cast bullets. Will EEzox ® get the lead out?

A. It sure will. Once you have given your bore a good first cleaning with EEzox®, you will find that your bore will lead a whole lot less. As a matter of fact you will notice that it leads less and less with each successive bore cleaning using only EEzox®.

Q. What about reloading presses and die sets? Can I use EEzox ® on them too?

A. Yes you can. EEzox® does a great job on both counts. Once you start cleaning your presses and die sets with EEzox®, you will find that they will operate very smoothly, will not rust and will not accumulate grit and grime like they did when you cleaned them with other products. As always, keep in mind that a little bit of EEzox® goes a long way. Your press and die sets should be dry to the touch when you are finished.

Q. Does EEzox ® need to be shaken or stirred before each use?

A. No, it doesn't. There are no solids in EEzox® and the liquids do not separate.

**NOTE** EEzox® is recommended by our customers for many other uses: Locks - home and car, tapping, pipe threading and drill bits for smooth metal holes. There are many hundreds of other applications for EEzox®. Let us know where you have used EEzox® for applications other than gun care.

EEzox®  Prices:                          Premium Gun Care  & Knife Care Oiler         

4 oz Refill Can                                   £9.63                     Gross weight             185 grams

.95oz/26.9 g Oiler                             £7.40                     Gross weight               40 gram

1.5oz Drip                                         £5.33                     Gross weight               40 gram

   We got a slightly better rate of exchange this time

so prices have actually gone down!

Packing weighs 40 grams per item,  Carriage, with "Proof of Postage" (which offers compensation up to £20, our responsibility terminates on posting) is charged at cost. From 23rd March 2020  Royal Mail 2nd Class  up to 2Kg. is £3.10 Additional surety, Signed for &c., is available, again, at cost.
    Printed copies of 'Proof of Postage' and invoices are produced on request.
Parcelforce refuse to transport Eezox abroad and will destroy it if found within their purview.
Cheques, please, to Roaring Forties PO Box 50 Albury Post Office, The Street, Albury. GU5 9AG
(please e-Mail me if you choosde this option, I only go down when I know a letter is expected) or eTransfer to Roaring Forties - Sort Code 09 01 50, A/c No. 04 1870 40.  All my prices are cut to the bone to give you the best price I can.
If you wish to pay by Pay Pal (to r40s@btinternet.com ) please add 5% first (divide by .95 on your calculator).

Beware ~ Using near screws you don’t want to come undone, it works as advertised!

Please allow me to emphasise that the 4oz can is a refill. Eezox is a strange multi-purpose concoction. Most people buy it for its rust proofing or penetrating capabilities. In this regard the 4 oz refill is a poor applicator and I would most strongly recommend the Oiler as a better choice. This allows a drip ( which is generally all that is needed ) to be applied rather than a wasteful gush ( sorry that's my Scot's heritage creeping out - I really ought to be encouraging you to be profligate). The penetrating qualities allow Eezox to escape from all containers apart from its own purpose built ones, rubber seals are a breeze and it just laughs at most plastics ~ as it was designed to do!


The easiest way to set the ball rolling is to email me with your requirements ~ rac.b@virgin.net




NOTE: EEzox® is not harmful to ORIGINAL factory wood finishes. If product comes into contact with rubber grips, wipe until dry. Use to protect all metals, but do not store in aluminium containers. A copy of the MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET the American version of our CHOSI is available on request. The main solvent is Trichloroethylene so avoid open flames, hot glowing surfaces or electric arcs. Avoid contamination with caustic soda, caustic potash or oxidizing materials, nitric acid.

1. CLEANING: Using only EEzox®, clean all parts of your firearm, including bore, barrel, actions, mechanisms, metal surfaces and parts. Make sure all residual solvents, greases, waxes and Teflon coatings from previous cleaning are removed at this time.


2. LUBRICATING: When the firearm is thoroughly cleaned and wiped dry, apply a very light coat of EEzox® to all parts and allow to dry. This may take several hours on new applications. If too much EEzox® has been applied, remove the excess with a soft cloth, being careful to leave only a light coating of EEzox®. This step is very important. You do not want EEzox® to lay in a pool and dry, as overuse can cause the surface to be sticky. If this has happened to you, simply clean your firearm again with EEzox® and wipe it dry.

3. PROTECTING: Once the last application of EEzox® has dried, your firearm is ready for use or storage. Although dry, EEzox® continues to protect, both in use and in storage.

Once you have your gun thoroughly cleaned with EEzox®, a quick bore cleaning and wipe down after each time you fire will suffice. You will find that your actions will be much smoother and lead buildup gets less each time you use EEzox®.

(U.S.) shooting sports enthusiasts now experience greater enjoyment when assured their firearms will not rust or malfunction, and without time-consuming gun care chores.

I find the oiler with a 1.5” ‘hypodermic’ type needle excellent for applying EEzox® just where it’s wanted but a little delicate for the tool box so I use it for cleaning at home and take the drip bottle shooting. I use the 4oz can to refill them both, at minimum cost. RAB.

Police: Due to constant hand and body contact with their handcuffs, Police have a difficult task in keeping them clean. This problem can now be 100% corrected with Synthetic EEzox® Premium Gun Care.

THE PROOF: Under the most adverse conditions imaginable, EEzox® proved itself to the ALLIED FORCES involved with "OPERATION DESERT STORM" in the Gulf War.

It cleans, and dries to a low friction, rustproof, clear ~ just oiled ~ look.


Beware ~ Using near screws you don’t want to come undone, it works as advertised!