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We are a participating British Airsoft Club Retailer and, as such, bind and are bound by the following clauses:
2.  We agree that the information contained within the BAC database will be used solely for the purpose of verifying a players’ status as a legitimate airsoft player and for the sole purpose of selling a Realistic Imitation Firearm (RIF).
3.  Players information obtained from the BAC database will not be shared, sold or traded in any way without the express permission in writing of the airsoft player or the BAC.
4.  For web and postal orders, we agree to ship the RIF to the players BAC registered address ONLY. (Not taking cards this doesn't apply) The purchasers’ card payment name and address MUST also correspond to the BAC registered details (name and address).  This is to prevent fraudulent registrations.
5. For face to face purchases, we agree to check photographic identification such as a driving licence, to check that the name, address, photograph and date of birth correspond with the BAC database.  This is to prevent fraudulent registrations.
6.  All RIF purchasers must be age 18 years old and over.
Extracts from current Gun Law are in the sub page "Legalities", please scroll down to the bottom.

I've Bought a batch of Airsoft guns and accessories, in the main these are boxed as new, or with trifling marks. The unattached magazines are going out on eBay but that leaves the guns themselves, in six main groups -
  • 6mm BB, Co2 Refillable
  • 6mm BB, 12G Co2 capsule
  • 6mm BB, Springer Pistol
  • 6mm BB, Springer & Electric Long Gun
  • .177 ball and/or pellet, Co2
  • and Reserve , where the temporary unwell lurk amongst my favourites
                                                                                ~ the ones I'm reluctant to part with

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