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6mm BB, Springer Pistol

Double Eagle M32 (Mauser C96 Styled)   Ref. S67
200 grams

Zombie Army spring Colt Python rev. Ref. S68

430 grams

Galaxy G.2 spring pistol Ref. S71

300 grams

Galaxy G.9 spring pistol bright orange Ref. S79

240 grams

Double Eagle M37F VZ-61 Skorpion spring pistol Ref. S80

525 grams

Galaxy G.11 Colt .25 ACP spring pistol Ref. S81

320 grams

Galaxy G.15 Glock 23ish spring pistol Ref. S82

545 grams

CCCP Galaxy G29 Marakov Star spring pistol Ref. S84

375 grams

G.22 spring pistol Ref. S86

260 grams

G.3A PPK spring pistol    Ref. S87 & S88

280 plus 20 for the silencer

Galaxy G.33 Ref. S39

This pistol has a strange design feature, the slide retention catch acts as the safety catch and the default position, down, interrupts the connection of the trigger to the tumbler. New, out of the box, it would only cock and enable the trigger if the slide lever was pushed up whilst wracking the slide.
Failure to disengage the safety prior to wracking left the gun unable to fire. I've added a spacer and the safety can now be clicked on & off, as intended.
 Weight 395 grams .

Galaxy G.26 , SIG 226 Ref. S40

525 grams

Galaxy G.25 Customised 1911 Ref. S43

525 grams

Galaxy G.6 spring 1911 pistol Ref. S37, S45 & S85

480 grams
I have three of these one red & two blue

Super Power G.21 P38 Ref. S46

525 grams

Super Power G.12 Ref. S47

430 grams