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6mm BB CO2 refillable

Refillable 6mm BB
WE Tan Sig Sauer P226 -F003-T-Mk25  £80, Ref.R52                                                                                                
th: 200mm
Weight: 825 grams
Blow Back: Yes
Hop-up Ad justable
Shooting Mode: Semi-Automatic
Smooth Bore
Sights :Notch & Post (Patridge Sight)
Magazine Capacity: 22
Bullet Type: 6mm BB,      .12 gm, .20, .23, .25
Power (Muzzle Velocity) 330-350 FPS (Top Gas Test @ 25C Room Temperature)
     Green Gas (99% Propane 1% Silicone Oil), HFC-134a / Duster Gas / Top Gas, Red Gas (HFC-22)
Tactical Rail

Marushin Derringer (Silver) Gas Pistol  £ Sold  Ref; R64
xtremely compact 2 round pistol the Derringer is a single firing backup weapon. It is small and light weight and the two BB’s are loaded by tipping the front up. The gas is stored in the grip and filled at the valve in the bottom of the pistol grip. The Derringer 6mm airsoft replica is made in an excellent chrome finish and will make a perfect partner for you at any poker table.
Length: 125mm/5,0inch
Barrel length: 65mm/2,6inch
Mag. Capacity: 2 rounds 6mm BB
Hop Up Type: Fixed
Energy:0,6 Joule

Two-Tone UHC Black Viper UG132 gas revolver £35.00 Ref:R69
This Airsoft pistol is modelled after the Smith and Wesson revolvers made famous in many films and this mid size model has has a 6" barrel.
The cylinder takes removable shells that you put 6mm bbs into.
 Powered by green gas or similar it can be thumb cocked or trigger cocked.

    FPS: 300
Weight:600 grams
   Cylinder capacity: 6 x 46mm long rear insert cartridges

Two-Tone HFC Taiwan Savaging Bull revolver  £ 36.00 Ref: R70
The bigger brother of the always popular HG132, the Savaging Bull is often sold as the 6 inch version, however the external barrel is actually 5 inches long. Built with tough internals, the gas tank, barrel, hammer and trigger mechanism are all metal.
   40 metre range, Fixed hop up
    Metal gas reservoir tank
    Metal internals (green gas compatible)
    Metal CNC lathed 9cm inner barrel
    Metal zinc alloy frame
    1/1 scale, 28cm long
    Weight: 525 grams
    300 fps approx, using 0.20g

Two-Tone Gas Gun Series (Sig Sauer P226 style) GBB pistol £24.00 R83
HFC GG-106 MK8 Compact Gas Pistol is made from re-enforced ABS and has gas magazine. Everything from the reinforced gas nozzle to the polished slide has been crafted to deliver maximum power and accuracy at an affordable price.
Length of 19.5cm
Weight: 310
300  FPS
25 – 30 Meter range
25 Round Magazine
Adjustable Hop-UP
Gas Pistol (requires green gas)
Re-enforced ABS

Y&P GGH0303B Heckler and Koch USP £26.00 Ref R36
Based off the iconic HK USP, A semi-automatic pistol developed in Germany by the legendary H&K company, the USP’s design was created with the US market in mind and prototype versions of the USP were entered into the US OHWS trials set up by USSOCOM. (This led to the development of the MK.23) The USP was formally introduced in 1993 and was chambered for .40 S&W. there was a later release of the USP9 which as the name suggests, came chambered in 9mm. Arguably the most “famous” USP was the latest release, in 1995 the USP.45 was introduced and is the common “go to” model when someone features a USP in a video game or film. Various different models of USP are currently in use by 19 different countries  making it one of the more “popular” side arms currently on the market.

This is an incredibly good value for money pistol. MUCH cheaper than a comparable GBB, SRC’s USP is built superbly well and even though it is mostly polymer it feels incredible in the hands, it is sturdy and solid with a very nice weight to it – YES its NBB, but this does mean it is much more consistent with power on its shots and it also uses less gas per shot, meaning it is more powerful than a GBB and thus has a longer range.

In terms of why this makes a good pistol for a new player, aside from the efficiency and value, the pistol comes with a small section of RIS foreword of the trigger guard – this allows for lasers, torches etc. now this is not reason alone to recommend this pistol, albeit it a nice feature. The real reason this is such a nice pistol is the range and accuracy, the extra power that this throws out with each shot allows it to shoot much further than most GBB pistols without the user even touching the hop-up. The very reasonable 20 round magazine capacity also is worth noting as this puts it on-par with a lot of the smaller Glocks and Berettas – granted 20 is SLIGHTLY lower than the other common pistols but 20 shots at high power over a decent range is something worth considering.

Being double action the trigger pull is quite stiff – the hammer can be manually cocked before shooting to reduce the length and stiffness of the pull, so for precision shooting it’s probably worth shooting as if this were single action.
- Weight 570 grams
- 20 Round Magazine
- Non Blowback (More Gas Efficient)
- Working safety (Watch Video)
- 320 Fps 0.2’s (Site Legal)
- Hop-Up system – Allen Key needed to adjust
- Very Good Range - Not bad for £26 !

GG104 Beretta style M9 £ Ref. R38

  Weighs 400 Grams
-          Gas Pistol
-          Single Fire
-          Made from Strong ABS and Metal
-          220 FPS
-          23 Round Magazine
-          40 Meter Range
-          22.5 cm in Length
-          Non-Blow Back
-          Takes Green Gas
-          Fixed Hop-UP
reviewer says adjustable hop

HFC HG-123 6mm BB (in wrong box) £26.00 Ref. R45

1:1 Scale Replica of the Smith & Wesson Model 1911 used by U.S. Military for over 75 years.
Non Blow-back
Thumb and trigger cocking
Weighs 460 grams.
I'd guess 300 fps, depending on gas & BB weight
There are 4 extra mags which retail at £8.99 inc post so if you want them too - say £5 each

2 Two-tone: 1x HFC HG-106 PPK and 1x HFC HG107 Colt 25, in black case    Ref. R77 & R8 Sold

These were bought together but I will split them if required.    
HFC HG-106 PPK - Non Blowback Mini Pistol,
- 250 FPS, inc 1 spare 10 Round Magazine.
Weight 240 grams 

HFC HG107 Gas Non Blowback hammerless pistol , based on the Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket.
8 Round Magazine. Weight 170 grams  

If separated the first buyer gets the case

Two-Tone HFC HG-106 PPK gas pistol in case    Ref: R77 Sold
235 grams
Velocity: 250 Fps
Safety: YES
Magazine Capacity: 10 Rounds
Dimensions: 60 X 29 X 110 (Mm)
Range: Approx: 30 Mt
Material: Abs Resin + Zinc Metal