Black Powder Accessory Prices, as of Feb 2013.

Pictures can generally be supplied on request.
* DISCONTINUED ITEMS - may still be available
These prices may be subject to change without notification, and are only a guide. The majority of these items are subject to importation when required, rather than held in stock. I generally 'Stock Up' in March and September.
Unpriced but available:
Chambers Locks & Parts 
Connecticut Valley Arms, Inc.-- Accessories
 Pistol Parts: Colonial, Derringer, Kentucky, Mountain
 Rifle Parts: Big Bore mountain, Hawken/Frontier, Kentucky
 Zouve Musket Parts
 Colt Revolver 44 Army, 36 Navy Parts & Walker / Dragoon Parts
 Remington '58 & Pocket Parts
 Lock Parts, Trigger Parts, Miscellaneous / Screws
Davide Pedersoli
Davis Locks & Parts 
Dixie Gun Works
L&R Locks & Parts