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Black Powder Accessories, Dial up

Some things are just well made and a pleasure to own and use. I am particularly pleased with, and recommend, the items pictured at the bottom. Please allow me to explain why I find some of them noteworthy.

The Safety Valve at the heart of the flasks comes in three models / methods of attachment:

1). Tapped M10 x 1, for both European and U.S spouts, from 15 to 120 grains or a pouring nozzle with a concave cone nose designed to fit into apertures from 15/64” to 2/5”, say 6 to 10mm.

2). Internal, to fit inside a fixed or adjustable measure of Internal Diameter of .430” or larger, and

3). External, to fit over a tube with an External Diameter of ½” or less.

The flask end is threaded 3/8” x 24; standard or knurled nuts are available, the latter for use/bonding with a non-tapable flask. The throat is 17/64th in diameter, some 13% wider than the European alternatives, giving (provided you use the larger ID spouts) a faster, less inclined to clog, pour = fewer short measures!

These valves have been fitted to a pair of plain, screw top, cylindrical brass flasks, either (A) 1 pint (US) 5” long, 1-3/8” diameter, approx. 3.2 oz. or 1500 grains capacity or (B) half pint, 2-¾” long, 750 grains.

The Internal valve fits neatly inside (C) the Deluxe adjustable 0 to 120 grain measure. This is calibrated in 5 grain increments based on Goex FFFg, other powders will have slightly different densities. They work very well together (I fit a small internal collar to the internal valve for use with SW2 in quantities of between the minimum 9 and, say, 25 grains). Quantities over that settle with a single tap to allow the swing-over pouring spout to be positioned for decanting into vials without disturbing the measured charge.

I use (D) the 0 – 30 grain, in 1 grain increments, pistol measure for semolina .

(E) the free flow pan primer holds 135 grains of 4Fg. The body unscrews from the valve/nozzle for filling. (F), the small pan primer, holds 80 grains and (G), the Magnum version, 230 grains. Both dispense about 3 grains of 4Fg as does ( I ), a very useful little fellow, who fits into a 3/8” hole. (H) is smaller, and the 1 grain dispensed measure is a better quantity for pistols; it requires a 7/32” hole.

(J) is indespensible, either as a de-capper, a wedge-remover, especially on Colts, a sight tapper or a 24 mil (thousandth of an inch) nipple or vent pick. The Oil Bottle (K) is 3-½” long, (L) the flash cap saves a heck of a lot of cleaning around the nipple area. [M] Arkansas agate flints are cheap and can be sharpened.

The Durango Rod is Case Hardened Stainless with a comfortable wooden handle and a bore guide (R ) – 3 sizes - ¼”, 5/16” and 3/8”- to eliminate muzzle wear. Rods with rotating handles have 8-32 threads. Those of 3/16” (0.186”) diameter come in 10”, 16”, 36” or 44”, heavier ¼” rods in 36” or 44” lengths. Fixed handle ¼” diameter, 8-32, rods come in 10”, 34” and 44; fixed handle 5/16” diameter, 10-32, rods come in 34” and 44”.

The 5 section, 5/16” diameter, 10-32, ‘GI’ rod is worth mention. It too is ground finish, case hardened Stainless, (or Brass) it comes in 4 x 9” (plus male ¼-28 screw) rod sections and the handle section, 8-3/10” long. Loosing 1/5”+ to the bore guide the alternatives are 17”, 26”, 35” and 44”. The rotating handle may be fixed by inserting a 1/16” pin through both the handle and rod. A very high quality rod with an ugly handle.

Adapters are available to go from Imperial 8-32 & 10-32 to Metric or Parker Hale. Not only are these great rods but the range of imperial attachments in the normal calibres between .32 and .75 is also superior. 10-32 is a heavy duty thread specifically chosen to cope with the rigours of loading large calibre Black Powder guns.

 (N) is a ball puller with an integral hex section so you can extract your screw from the ball/bullet with a spanner, and sized brass collars fit the 8/32 or 10/32 thread. Fouling scrapers (O) for flat faced breeches can be easily shaped to fit a Nock’s breech. Add button and cleaning Jags, patch pullers, worm pullers & bullet seaters, Nylon, Phosphor–bronze, Stainless and Tornado brushes and wool as well as cotton mops.

Ampco rifle, pistol and musket/shotgun nipples come in 40 sizes/thread variations. Ampco is a tough alloy, resisting repeated hammer blows, with a tensile strength of 118,000 psi, higher than most steels used in muzzleloading barrels. High thermal conductivity effects fast heat dissipation reducing erosion and the small base hole (28 mils, Pedersoli use 25 mils in their Beryllium nipples but they cost at least twice as much) reduces blowback and cap disintegration. These are very popular with Ruger owners, replacing hex with standard Nº. 11. I pop mine in the lathe and make the tops conical for quicker, easier capping. Good fit to replace .225” - 32 Original Colt and Remington nipples and Enfield 5/16 x 18. Five vents are also available.

I am currently working on the production of all three nipples for the Beaumont Adams, Adams, Callisher & Terry and Pryse & Redman.

The Curly Commer Cappers fit just about everything Nº. 11, except some Remingtons which can only accommodate a straight line capper, they hold some 100 caps and measure approx. 2” x 3”.
Robert Betteridge,
7 Dec 2010, 04:09