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Chant, C Fantastic Aircraft £1.00 
Christie's Armoury of Princes zu Salm-Reiffersscheidt-Dyck, Pt 2 £15.00 
Dickens, Peter  SAS, The Jungle Frontier (SAS in Borneo, 1963-66) £2.50 
Galerie Fischer, Lutzern  Waffenauction June 1993  £15.00 
Gun Digest  Exploded Handgun Drawings  £20.00 
Hardman, Donald  Memiors  £8.50 
Hogg  Illustrated Encyclopedia of Firearms  £1.00 
Hogg  Illustrated History of Firearms  £2.50 
Johnson, Brian  The Secret War  £1.00 
Leitch, D  The Discriminating Thief  £2.00 
Logan  Underhammer Guns  £35.00 
Mayo, Lida  Bloody Buna, (New Guinea campaign that thwarted Jap invasion of Australia)  £1.50 
Metropolitan Museum of Art  European helmets 1450-1650  £7.00 
Peterson, H  Book of the Gun, Second impression  £6.00 
Peterson, H  Book of the Gun, Third impression  £6.00 
Readers Digest Illustrated  The World at Arms (WW2)  £1.00 
Ricketts, H  Firearms  £1.00 
Royal Armouries  Official Guide, Tower of London, 1986  £1.00 
Stevenson Pugh  Fighting Vehicles and Weapons of the Modern British Army (1962)  £5.00 
The Diagram group  Weapons, Encyclopedia 5000BC to 2000AD  £1.00 
Trench, C  The Shooter and his Gun  £3.00 
Wolfgang Seel  Die G11 Story  £100.00 
Showing 22 items